The purpose of the Team Panorama Ski Club (“the Team”) Registration & Refund Policy is to set formal guidelines for Registration and Refunds for the upcoming ski season.  The policy reflects the necessity of the Team to have financial confidence for the upcoming season prior to the initiation of “on snow” training to allow for staffing and planning commitments.


Program Registration Payments:

Program registration payments timing and amounts will be decided at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Program Administration and Other Fees:

The Program Administration Fee (if applicable) is non-refundable under any circumstances. A family will remain a member of the Club to the end of the Club’s fiscal year provided the full amount of all program fees and dues owing have been paid.


Refund of AASA Fees:

Alberta Alpine Ski Association (AASA) fees are not collected by Team Panorama on behalf of AASA and are therefore not included in the Team Panorama Refund policy.  Team Panorama is not responsible for AASA fees.  All associated AASA fees are due at the time of registration.


Fee Refund Due to Program Cancellation:

If programming is cancelled prior to the 1st day “on snow”, registration fees paid will be refunded (less the Program Administration fee and any other non-refundable fees. If programming is terminated at any time after the 1st day “on snow”, registration fees and other non-recoverable program specific costs incurred by the Team) will be refunded pro rata based on the number of scheduled days remaining in the season.


Elective Withdrawal:

No refunds will be given after Oct 15 of the current season. Prior to that date, 25% of the total program fees will be refunded for elective withdrawal.  Withdrawal refund requests after this date and prior to the first day “on snow” may be submitted to the Team President for consideration by the Board due to mitigating circumstances.  There is no guarantee of refund in this case.


Withdrawal Due to Pre-Season/In-Season Injury:

If an athlete is injured prior to the program start date or during the season and is unable to start or continue in the program, the Injured Athlete Refund Policy will be Registration fees (less the Program Administration Fee, AASA Fees and any other non-recoverable program specific costs incurred by the Team) will be refunded pro rata based on the number of scheduled days remaining in the season. A doctor’s certificate will be required.


Withdrawal Due to Dismissal:

Under no circumstances will a refund of any kind be made to athletes or families who are dismissed from the program or the Club for breaches of team policies, including the Athlete Code of Conduct.  Complete review of the Code of Conduct must be reviewed and acknowledged/signed at the time of registration.    All athletes and associated family members must review the Code of Conduct prior to registration.


Racer Accounts Refunds:

Families remain responsible for all racer account related charges up until the date of the athlete's withdrawal from the program.  Unutilized amounts within the racer account will be refunded.


Daily Cancellations Due to Weather:

No partial or prorated refunds will be offered for cancelled training days due to weather conditions.


Non-Payment of Dues

Non-payment of Team dues prior to the defined payment dates will be considered Late Registration as per the policy below.  This policy is inclusive of the Racer Account fees and prescribed deadlines.


If a family is unable to make payments as per the defined timeline, they should proactively contact the Team President prior to the deadline to make formal payment arrangements. Families that do not make arrangements prior to the deadlines will be considered as Late Registration.


Outstanding Fees from Previous Seasons

Registration will not be open to any family with outstanding dues from previous seasons.  All other registration policies are applicable once dues in arrears are settled.


Team Panorama Ski Team Program Change Policy


  1. Program Changes:

All program changes are at the discretion of the Program Director.


  1. Program Change Fees:

Athletes looking to upgrade their program offering during the season (space permitting) will be required to pay the difference between the cost of the two programs. Registration fees will be prorated based on the pricing and days remaining (as per the Team calendar) for the selected program that are in place on the date the program change is requested.


A switch to a lower cost program at any date after the start of “on snow” training will be considered as an ‘Error in Program Selection’ (see below) and no refunds will be available.


  1. Errors in Program Selection:

If during the registration process, an incorrect program selection is made,100% of the cost difference between the programs will be refunded if the Team is notified prior to the first day of “on snow” training. Once an athlete has started skiing with the Team, no refunds are available.


Team Panorama Ski Team Late Registration Policy

The registration deadline is September 1 of the current season. After this date, all program registration fees increase by 10%.


Any family registering after the registration deadline will be required to pay the increased fees (regular fee + 10% late charge) as well as the Program Administration Fee.


Any registration after the start of “on snow” training will be at the discretion of the Program Director and Board of Directors.


Program registration fees may be prorated based on the pricing and days remaining (as per the Team calendar) for the selected program on the date registration based on the circumstance of the late registration and ability of the Team to maintain its coaching and resource levels with additional athletes. Full payment of the Program Administration Fee will be required.