Why Ski Racing?


 Ski racing is part of the Canadian winter sporting identity. With up to 7 months of winter and majestic mountain resorts, alpine skiing is a part of our culture. Legends like Nancy Greene and the Crazy Canucks put Canada on the world stage for alpine ski racing and Winter Olympic success.

Why should kids be a part of this sport?

Alpine ski racing can be viewed as very tough and risky; a sport dealing with the elements and gravity, racing down a mountain, with no run ever being the same. Participation requires many hours out in the cold, at a ski resort; it's a big time commitment and an expensive endeavour. 

Children's sport has changed. The time commitment and expense has skyrocketed with any dedicated pursuit. Parents spend countless hours sitting in hockey rinks, pool decks, at clubs, or in gyms watching and waiting for their kids.  As children get older, more time goes into training and potentially traveling for competition.

In ski racing, time spent with a group of peers in the mountains in a high energy environment is appealing for the children. Parents are usually skiers or simply people who love being in the mountains and they want their kids to become strong skiers and also love the mountain life.  Ski racing enables families to spend time together on weekends and at races; parents progress through the sport with their children. 

In a well run ski club a child will experience a philosophy of long term development of all facets of sport. The program will first expose children to fun and excitement, but also provide them with a life skills education through the skills improvement, focus, dedication, planning and goal setting, perseverance, strategic thinking, camaraderie, and good coaching.


A healthy and exhilirating pursuit with life-long benefits for the whole family, ski racing is a beneficial lifestyle choice.