Alpine Racing Starter Kit


Answers to some FAQs when considering joining the club. 



Registration Fees:

Listed fees do not include equipment, optional clothing, lift tickets, travel expenses or fees for races away from Panorama. We recommend you purchase a season pass for Panorama Mountain Resort and Winsport (if applicable).


Additional Fees:

Team Panorama Administration Fee $315/family

Race Accounts  - amount is dependent on age group and is used to cover individual race expenses



Having the right gear is imperative. We encourage you to order/purchase your equipment as early as possible.

Please visit the Equipment Guide for current equipment requirements.

Team Apparel

Team Panorama offers logo ski jackets, racing pants, racing shorts, and other clothing for purchase. Items can be ordered through the Team Panorama each spring.  Contact our Registrar ( for more information.  These items are not a requirement.

U12 skiers and above require speed suits.  Speed suits are optional at the U10 level and are not required at the U8 level. Speed suits can be purchased through most local ski stores.

It is recommended that athletes who wear speed suits have racing ski pants (with zippers down the side). These can be purchased through the Final Gate in Panorama or any ski shop.

Helmets with hard ears are required at all age groups for races.

Volunteer Requirements

Parents of all age groups have a commitment to assist with:

  • Linda Putnam Silent Auction
  • Biannual casino fundraising
  • One shift (per family) at the Panda Table

Additional support by age group:

  • U8 & U10:
    • Assist a minimum of 2 days with set up, organization and/or running of races (FIS Race, Linda Putnam, and U14 Finals).
  • U12: 
    • Assist a minimum of 5 days with set up, organization and/or running of races (FIS, Linda Putnam, U14 Finals).
  • U14, U16 + FIS:
    • Assist a minimum of 8 days with set up, organization and running of races (FIS Race, Linda Putnam, U14 Finals).

There are many volunteer opportunities available, regardless of your skill level and time availability.

For detailed information, please see the Team Panorama Volunteer Handbook 2019-2020