Why Team Panorama?

A Mountain Lifestyle in a Village Setting

Panorama Mountain Resort is a ski area that has a permanent village at the base of the lifts. Many families make the trip from the city every week; members will say they feel like they are going on holiday or that they relax as they leave the city limits. 

As a village style ski club, families can really enjoy the mountains and the sport together.  The kids are involved in an education of athletics and improvement while the mums and dads are able to have a weekend.

Exceptional Coaching

Team Panorama has attracted highly certified and experienced coaches, many who have worked at the world cup and provincial level. The program also mentors home grown coaches within the program all working towards a common philosophy.

Less Travel and Commitment 

Team Panorama is a club that has historically travelled a lot less to away camps and races at the younger ages than other programs.   Our belief is that training at home is an important part of a child's life and that keeping the pursuit of sport in perspective is important for family stability.  As kids get older, this means it is easier to balance school, sport and other events in their busy lives.

Fun for the Whole Family

We are a very family orientated program with a strong spirit of community. The social interactions of the kids and families creates a wonderful environment to grow while developing long lasting relationships. 

It's About the Journey, Not a Spot on the National Team

Team Panorama is a ski club; we do not try to be a national team or a provincial team. We pride ourselves on running a professional program that teaches kids to have fun, to become great skiers, to live a life with an athletic focus, and to enable them, if they have the dream, to move to higher levels of the sport.

Our mission is to provide an awesome journey and to allow the kids to develop to their fullest potential in whichever direction they eventually choose.

Our programs are built around developing skiing skills. Ski racing is at planned times of the day; we spend a lot of time skiing other aspects of the mountain. In the younger years part of the training day is spent skiing the back bowls, spending time in moguls and the terrain park. At the U16 level, a more specific focus towards  training for racing comes into play.

Team Panorama also runs an All Mountain Program which enables kids to focus on learning different activities in the mountains, including free skiing, terrain park skills, mogul competitions and back country avalanche safety knowledge.

We provide opportunities for physical conditioning with outside professionals of physiological and athletic development in order to enhance a child's overall education in health and athletics.