U14 Program

Philosophy:    Teaching the children how to train for the sport + further enhancement of sport specific skiing skills. Introduction to the mental approach for the sport. 

Goal:    To leave this development phase with the skiing, motor and cognitive skills necessary to prepare the child for the U16 level.

Days on snow:      85-90

COP training:     2 nights/week

Physical training:     2-3 days/week in spring + fall; some ongoing for winter + summer

Key races:      Alberta U14 Series (approximately 14 race day starts)

Optional offer:     Yukon camp in November 

During this phase of the development curve it is paramount that the children continue to master the technical basics of good skiing. The end of the U14 phase is seen as the second important checkpoint of a skier’s development. At the end of this phase the child must be able to show a correct and solid basic skiing foundation that will serve them moving into the U16 and early FIS phases. 

As both genders move through or into puberty during this phase, skill development both in and out of the race environments has to continue to be the focus. Satisfying the windows of trainability of quickness, coordination, agility and an all around athleticism must still drive the program content. Some ski cross training and modified racing is built into the program. 

It is a prime goal that good technical skiers leave this phase and to that end, the program is heavily based on skiing all environments throughout the year. The U14 skiers will learn how to become a ski racer and what it takes to train efficiently with focus. They will be put into many different gate environments in order to teach them necessary specifics of the technical events. There will be no speed event training other than a few SG runs at Panorama at certain times of the season. 

Our goal at this level is to patiently teach the children about ski racing and how to train for ski racing. The Alberta U14 series is the basis of the race program however a local BC or Saskatchewan race may be attended at Panorama. The skiers will attend approximately 4 or 5 races and are offered a short camp in the Yukon in November.

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