U8 to U12 Programs

U8, U8+, U10 Entry Level 

Philosophy:    A fun introduction to the world of skiing on the mountain and the game of ski racing.      

Goal:     To introduce the initial critical basic skiing skills at an early age in a fun relaxed environment. 

Approximate Days on snow:      U8, 19; U8+, 36; U10, 36

Key races:      1-2 Races which includes the Linda Putnam hosted by our club.

Physical Training (U10):  Minimum of 2 times a week in the fall months.  Dryland or any other physical activity.

These programs are all about introducing the sport of skiing and ski racing as a fun sport to the children and their families. 

Technique and skiing skills are enhanced through daily sessions of free ski and gate training drills and free skiing of the entire mountain. Some ski cross exposure occurs during training days on the Panorama track.

The game of ski racing is introduced through participation in our homegrown event, the Lusti Cup, a short dual racing system. Every 2 to 3 weeks the kids race each other for an hour in a dual format and then enjoy a hot chocolate at Lustis ski shop. This series was developed to enhance the fun spirit of scrimmage. The goal is to build confidence and a familiarity with a fun racing environment.

The Linda Putnam race at Panorama is the highlight race event of the season run by Team Panorama. This event is the introduction to racing with children from all over southern Alberta.

The Team Panorama Entry Level system follows the Alpine Canada Snowstars skill development system whereby the skiers and coaches work their way through a standardized skill development model throughout the season. The Entry Level program is the beginning of the journey as a skier and ski racer and it is our goal to ignite the flame in each and every child by developing a culture of learning and fun.

 U10 Plus, U12, U12 Plus

Philosophy:     Developing fun + motor skills, igniting fire for the sport while developing essential basic skiing technique. 

Goal:    Develop great skiers and introduce the game of ski racing through race scrimmage and regional race events with sport specific coaching.

Approximate Days on snow:      U10+, 55; U12, 65; U12+ 75

Key races:      Maximum 2 at U10 Level and 3-4 at U12 which includes the Linda Putnam hosted by our club.

Physical Training:  Minimum of 2 times a week in the fall months.  Dryland or any other physical activity.

This development phase must be based on the windows of trainability. Program content is based around quickness, coordination and agility on skis. The first checkpoint in a skier’s development happens at the end of the Entry Level phase. We want the skiers at this point to understand the very basics of good free skiing technique. We also want them to enjoy the spirit of fun competition. It is for this reason our kids race in a short, fun dual series every 2 to 3 weeks during a lunch hour at Panorama called the Lusti Cup, which we created in order to introduce the fun spirit of the sport. 

Our goal is to create as many great little skiers as we can. The emphasis is on becoming a technically solid skier in all environments of the mountain. Gate training takes place most training days for a portion of the day, but free skiing and terrain parks are also attended specific to the level daily. All training is carried out at Panorama on weekends and a one night a week at COP starts in December.

A Physical training program based on quickness, agility and coordination is started at this stage with a 2 times a week program with expert physical trainers during the fall months. The program also uses the Alpine Canada Snowstars skill development model and a national measurement of skill level and progression.

Our aim for the entry level years is to create a fun action packed environment with knowledgeable, dynamic coaching to create skiers with good technique, athleticism on and off skis and a love for the fun spirit of competition

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